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Welcome to Gawad Amerika Foundation (GAF). This is a non-profit organization.

The Gawad Amerika started in 1996 as a civic organization called the “Gawad Amerika Foundation”. It was founded by its Chairman of the Board, leader and a visionary Charles Simbulan who has a strong and dynamic vision of helping and cultivating the talents of young Filipino-American achievers who lack the necessary resources to follow their dreams. The foundation also provide help to many struggling Filipino-American families with socio-
economic opportunities that enable them to live with dignity and decent lives. The Gawad Amerika’s commitment and dedication to it’s vision continue to reach out to more young achievers and families in need for years without any media coverage. Today, there are about 275 students who are recipients of the Gawad Amerika’s financial support. About 89 individuals and families were given shelter and provided jobs. As the foundation continues to grow, a lot of business and civic leaders, entrepreneurs and even some political figures in the Filipino-American communities started to recognize its efforts in reaching out to those in need. They began to offer support to the foundation and together, they use their resources and dedicate their time and resources to aggressively and passionately help deserving individuals to make their dreams a reality. In the years to come, the Gawad Amerika started to honor the achievements of these young achievers and exemplary citizens who make a difference in their lives and in their communities. Along the way, more and more individuals who excel in their respective chosen careers and have done remarkable achievements in their communities were given recognition which became a yearly tradition of the Gawad Amerika Foundation which was later known as the Gawad Amerika Awards. In September 2002, a year after the historic 9/11 attacks, the Gawad Amerika Awards held its 1st formal event in which the first half of the program was dedicated to honor the victims and fallen heroes. 

We are always looking for volunteers. Give us a call anytime, or just stop by. Our doors are always open

 NOMINATIONS FOR GAWAD AMERIKA starts every January 15th of the year.

Life Time Achievement Award
Lakandula Award
Rajah Soliman Award

Gawad Amerika Foundation
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